August 8, 2013

Why Recycling is Important in Michigan

Michigan is home to the Great Lakes and beautiful landscapes. Why would anyone want to put all that beauty in jeopardy? This is why recycling is important in Michigan: to protect the natural beauty of the The Great Lakes state.

Vintage Tech aids in this fight against e-waste. Through its 12 ReStores that take old electronic donations and recycles them. By donating even a small electronic, you’re doing the world a big favor. That is one less electronic that has to sit in a landfill for years and years, emitting toxins into the atmosphere that can be potentially harmful. You can fight that though. You have a voice and can choose to recycle your old electronics with Vintage Tech.

Instead of wishing for a difference be the difference. Be prideful of the state you live in and make the choice to recycler your electronics. Recycling is important in Michigan and the world too. It is your proactive actions that will help us in creating a better tomorrow. The future can be made with your help. Instead of waiting, take action and recycle your old electronics today!

For any questions concerning Vintage Tech Recyclers, please call us at (866) 435-9223.