August 6, 2013

Why Recycling is Important in Illinois

The harsh truth of the world today is that there is more and more waste every year. With the new advances in technology there has been an addition to this, and that is e-waste. All types of waste can be countered with a little initiative. This is why recycling is important in Illinois. Vintage Tech wants to help counter the waste of the modern day and offer greener alternatives.

Vintage Tech has built over 25 drop-off locations in Illinois, and we want to make it easy for people to recycle electronics. To answer the question of ‘why recycling is important in Illinois’, one could see that Illinois is a state that is full of communities and with Chicago as the major city. Chicago is the city of wind but we’d like to keep waste from blowing down the streets of Chicago.

You can help Vintage Tech by looking up drop-off locations near your community and donating your old electronics that would have gone into the trash. Help fight back against e-waste and recycle today. Your small effort can make a huge difference in the future. For a list of what is accepted at our drop-off locations, click here.

For any questions concerning Vintage Tech Recyclers, please call (866) 435-9223.