The Recycling System

There are always so many questions about recycling. How does the recycling system work? What is the lifecycle of a product? Where does it go? How does it get recycled in to a new product? Well, as complicated as it may seem, the process is actually very simple. Here are the 5 main steps to recycling.

First, the product is manufactured from several types of materials including natural resources. Then it is shipped to the retailer to be sold to the end user. The end user purchases the product from the retailer, and will use the product until he/she disposes of it. If the user recycles it, we can move to the next step in the system.


Second, the product goes to a recycling company.  Vintage Tech Recyclers picks up the used product. We dismantle the product, sort all its parts, and then we send the parts and pieces out to be smelted and recycled.


Third, the product’s pieces go to a smelting plant The smelting plant receives the product pieces from Vintage Tech Recyclers. They melt the parts back to their original raw state. They then send the melted parts back to a factory to be reused to make other products.


Fourth, the product pieces go to a factory. The factory builds a new product from the recycled parts that they received from the Smelting Plant and eventually sells their new product to a supplier/store.


Fifth, the supplier provides new product. The supplier/store then sells the new product to a consumer and the cycle begins again….