Why Recycle


When you discard your old electronics instead of responsibly recycling them, you miss the opportunity to conserve valuable natural resources. Electronic products are made up of reusable materials, including precious metals, engineered plastics and glass, all of which require energy to find and manufacture. Throwing them away creates waste and generates additional pollution by requiring manufacturers to access brand new materials. However, nearly 60 percent of all electronics can be reused, and another 38 percent can be fully recycled back to its original raw state.


In addition, discarded electronics may contain hazardous or toxic substances. Some electronic products like CRT monitors and circuit boards can contain substantial amounts of lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and some types of flame-retardants. Electronic products represent the largest remaining contributor of heavy metals to the solid waste stream.


State and local bodies have expressed significant concerns that products containing these types of materials can pose environmental risks if they are not properly managed at end-of-life. Because of that, when you choose to be non-compliant with state and national electronics recycling regulations, there can be stiff penalties, especially for corporations.


Another issue that arises from irresponsibly disposed electronics involves your data security. Some products like computers, laptops, printers and photocopiers actually store your sensitive data. Vintage Tech Recyclers’ data security practice use one of the most reliable and widely trusted processes in the industry, so you can rest assured that your sensitive information will not be compromised.


By recycling and reusing older electronics, not only are you making sure that your personal information remains safe, but you are also preserving our natural resources and helping conserve our environment.

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