November 22, 2013

Why Recycle in Illinois?

discarded computersWhile there are many people who already know how important recycling is, there are still some people who wonder, “Why recycle in Illinois?” That is a great question to ask, and it is important to be informed!

While it is also important and many people know to recycle paper, plastics, and glass, it is just as important to recycle those old electronics you have been thinking about throwing away! So why recycle in Illinois? There are electronics that contain toxic substances in them which are bad for the environment when not disposed of properly. Recycling them is an easy way to do your part and help keep those toxic substances out of landfills. By recycling, you also help to keep unnecessary items from piling up in landfills and lessen the need to manufacture more.

We hope this has helped to answer the question, “Why recycle in Illinois?,” but if you would still like to learn more, you can click here to visit our website for more detailed information on why you should recycle in Illinois.

Vintage Tech Recyclers is here to help. We will recycle those old electronics for you for free! You can reach us at our corporate headquarters in Romeoville, IL at (866) 435-9223 or at our Plainfield, IL facility at (630) 305-0922.