June 20, 2013

Why Recycle Computers in Illinois?

Why recycle computers in Illinois?  Because Vintage Tech Recyclers makes it easy. 

Many consumers and businesses change their computers frequently because the technology is always changing.  But what are you supposed to do with your old computer?  Vintage Tech Recyclers will take your old computer and discard the materials properly.  We clean, repair, and upgrade any computer part possible.

Hundreds of millions of retired electronics are discarded improperly by businesses and consumers each year.  Our goal is to recycle each piece of your computer so nothing ends up in the landfill.  No need to worry about your personal information either because Vintage Tech Recyclers removes all software and data from your computer to ensure all information stays with you and only you. 

If it is not recyclable, Vintage Tech Recyclers sends it off to their trusted business partner for complete recycling.  Recycling saves valuable natural resources as well as eliminating environmental damage.  If you have any concerns about pieces of equipment that are able to be recycled, give us a call.  A five minute phone call is better than a lifetime in a landfill!  

So why recycle computers in Illinois? Because with Vintage Tech Recyclers, it’s easy! Contact them today at 866-435-9223 for more information.