June 25, 2014

Why electronics recycling is important in Illinois

A common question we receive that we want to address is just why electronics recycling is important in Illinois. There is no one specific answer for this. Instead, there are a slew of reasons residents of the Land of Lincoln should consider when it comes to the end of their electronics’ lives.

  • Electronics contain valuable metals along with a variety of other components that can be used again and again, which eliminates waste and the need to harvest new materials (which can’t all be renewed). When electronics are properly recycled, these metals and components can be salvaged and used to make new electronics.

recycle in Illinois

  • When unwanted electronics become a part of the waste stream, their hazardous materials, such as mercury, cadmium, and barium, can potentially pollute our air and water and wreak havoc on our environment as a whole. It is imperative that electronics are recycled properly to avoid negative effects on our eco-system.

  • According to the EPA, by recycling electronics we can avoid “greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by manufacturing virgin materials.”

Take Action Today!

These are just a few of the many reasons why electronics recycling is important in Illinois, and why you should do it today. Fortunately, it is also quite easy! Vintage Tech Recyclers has a number of collection sites across the Prairie State. You can contact our headquarters in Romeoville, IL at

to find a collection site near you.

We also offer At-Your-Door electronics pickup service exclusively for Will County residents. Please visit our At-Your-Door Collection page for more information.

Additionally, Vintage Tech takes part in a number of electronics recycling events throughout the year. Check out our blog and be sure to find us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on when we’ll be in your neighborhood!