May 30, 2013

Why Be Wasteful?

As the start of summer approaches, so does the anticipation of fun activities in the sun. Pool parties, barbecues, and vacations are some of the activities at the top of the list, but some may spend their summer cleaning out the junk from inside their house and throwing it away. But when cleaning, why be wasteful when you can be resourceful?

Here at Vintage Tech we want to help you be environmentally friendly while cleaning. Whether that’s taking that big TV off of your hands or even taking used cell phone, any donation, big or small, is enough to make a difference. Since Earth Day was last month, many people felt the obligation to go out and make a difference, but that’s one day of the entire year. The truth is that you can make a difference every day, little by little, so at the end of the year a substantial difference is made.

Help us help the world. With your donations we can make the needed difference and start rebuilding a healthy world.

If you’re new to electronic recycling, review this list to see what we do take and what we don’t.

With plenty of locations around the nation, it isn’t hard to find us. So don’t just throw out your old electronics: sort them out and find our closest drop off location near you!