May 12, 2015

What to Look for in an Electronics Recycling Provider

Nowadays, environmentalism is a hot, trendy topic that companies are eager to exploit.  This has its advantages, as a massive number of companies are looking to cash in on the fad and bring more and more awareness to problems such as global climate change.  But, there are serious drawbacks, too.


The greatest problem is that many consumers see that something branded as “environmentally-friendly” and cease any additional research.  Believing that purchasing a certain product or using a certain company’s services is automatically environmentally-conscious, consumers don’t always do their homework to see what’s really going on behind closed doors.  To make sure that you’re not being taken for a ride, here are three things to look for in an electronics recycling provider:


1. No-Landfill Promises

It would seem as though not dumping electronics in a landfill would be a given for a company that promises to recycle electronics, but that simply isn’t so.  You need to look for a written promise on the part of the company that anything recyclable you hand over to them will not wind up in a landfill.  After all, if they were going to just toss everything in there, anyway, then why couldn’t you have cut out the middleman and done it yourself?


2. Membership

Reputable electronics recycling providers are members of reputable organizations.  Always check to see if your electronics recycling provider is a member of your state recycling organization.  In addition, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s associated with various governmental departments, as that adds yet another layer of authenticity.  Finally, being involved with trade associations (including those for waste removal) is also a good sign.


3. Convenience

Perhaps most importantly, an electronics recycling provider cannot be inaccessible.  After all, what’s the point if the company has only one location?  Look for a company with plenty of drop-off sites and optional pickup.


If you’re in need of an electronics recycling provider, then you should contact Vintage Tech Recyclers at (877) 625-7945 today.  We’ll handle your old electronics responsibly and promptly.