November 8, 2013

Weekend Recycling Tips

recycling tipsHappy Friday! Help the earth spread a smile too by taking a little bit of time this weekend to do something great for the environment. Pick out some (or all!) of the recycling tips below to do this weekend, and you can keep smiling knowing that you’ve done your part to keep the earth green.

  • Turn off unneeded lights. Why’s your basement light turned on when no one is down there? Flip the switch to save energy and minimize pollution as a result.
  • Recycle! While recycling pick-up is only scheduled bi-weekly in many areas, that doesn’t meant that you need to throw away what you can’t fit into your recycling bin (you’d be surprised how many people do that). Instead, crush cans and plastic bottles and break down boxes to maximize the amount of recyclables you can fit into your recycling bin.
  • Minimize pollution by picking up trash around your community. While a few chip bags or Styrofoam cups may seem harmless, they can be toxic to wildlife and disrupt their environments.
  • Go through your drawers and find all those old wires and battery-backups that seemingly have no purpose, and recycle them at a Vintage Tech location near you. You can even recycle those Halloween or Christmas lights that don’t work anymore.

You may be having a fantastic Friday (and we sure hope you are!), but is the earth? With your help, it certainly can.