December 15, 2010

Web Site User Wins Refurbished Laptop Computer


Will County Executive Larry Walsh (from left) congratulates Sharon Pote on winning a refurbished laptop computer provided by Vintage Tech Recyclers, Inc. The computer was presented by the company’s president, Karrie Gibson. Everyone who registered as a user during the first 48 hours Will County Land Use – Resource Recovery & Energy division’s new Web site,, was entered in the drawing.


JOLIET – For Sharon Pote, the benefits of registering at the Will County Land Use – Resource Recovery & Energy division’s new Web site were twofold.

First, she was able to get the information she needed about permanent electronic recycling sites. Secondly, she won a refurbished laptop computer.
Pote said she was listening to WJOL while she was working and heard the announcer talk about the Web site, The announcer mentioned that everyone who registered in the first 48 hours would be eligible for the laptop.

She hesitated, not sure she wanted to take the time to register, but then looked at the numerous electronics sitting nearby that needed to be recycled. She decided to take the time.
Pote, who lives in Rockdale with her husband, Mike, was “very surprised” when she won.

On Tuesday, Dec. 14, she was in Will County Executive Larry Walsh’s office, where she was presented the laptop by Karrie Gibson, president of Vintage Tech Recyclers, Inc. of Romeoville.

Gibson said the firm refurbishes and re-sells some of the better laptops that the business receives. Generally, they come from businesses; home computers usually aren’t in as good of shape when they’re discarded.

Gibson said the hard drives are wiped clean, the old software removed and new licensed software installed. The computers are guaranteed.
Walsh said the winner of the contest was chosen at random. Sixty people registered in the first 48 hours. Walsh oversees the Land Use department, which is led by Curt Paddock.

“People should continue to register at the Web site,” Walsh said. “Although there isn’t another laptop to be given away, the staff at Resource Recovery and Energy tells me that there may be more contests and giveaways to come.

“In addition, there is new information put on the site every day, and new pages are added weekly,” he added. “We thank Karrie Gibson for her generous donation of the laptop computer. The contest was a nice way to bring attention to the Web site.”

Pote undoubtedly agrees. She hadn’t owned a laptop computer before.