March 31, 2014

Vintage Technologies in Kansas City


Recycle Vintage Technologies in IllinoisMany people are confused as to what to do with their vintage technologies in Kansas City. You do not need to worry though! Vintage Tech Recyclers is here to help. We will recycle those old electronics for you for free!

There are many reasons why you should recycle those vintage technologies in Kansas City. One of the biggest reasons is to save valuable, natural resources. Many products, including electronics, are created with materials that are reusable, which is why it’s important to recycle them.

We understand that it can be hard to recycle electronics that contain personal information. However, there is no need to be uneasy when you responsibly recycle with Vintage Tech Recyclers. Any sensitive material that may be on your recycled devices will be destroyed
 with our state of the art recycling technology!

Vintage Tech Recyclers is one of the largest consumer recyclers in the U.S. We also meet and exceed all local, state, and federal compliance laws. We even received a Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Market Place Ethics in 2012!

If you have any questions about recycling your vintage technologies in Kansas City with Vintage Tech Recyclers, please feel free to give us a call at our corporate headquarters in Romeoville, IL at (866) 435-9223 or at our Riverside, MO facility at .