September 20, 2012

Vintage Tech Recyclers Selected




Vintage Tech Recyclers, LLC, a heading wiring recycling company

founded in 2005, has partnered with a Federal Environmental Protection

Agency (EPA) to launch a Sustainable Materials Management (SMM)

Electronics Challenge, a new EPA module enlivening electronics

manufacturers to willingly dedicate within a subsequent dual years to send

100 percent of used wiring collected for reuse and recycling to

third-party approved recyclers, dramatically augmenting a volume of

wiring collected for reuse and recycling.



The EPA SMM Electronics Challenge will take place on Sep 20, 2012

during Vintage Tech Recyclers’ domicile in Romeoville, Illinois, where

member from vital OEM companies will pointer adult for a challenge.



Sponsorship of a SMM Electronics Challenge demonstrates Vintage Tech

Recyclers’ joining to programs that paint a recycling

industry’s top standards in environmental sustainability. “We

extol a EPA’s clever care in a area of electronic recycling

and are unapproachable to horde a SMM Challenge,” says Vintage Tech Recyclers

President, Karrie Gibson. “Unchecked e-waste poses an environmental risk

and releases poisonous substances like lead, mercury, and chromium into the

plain rubbish stream. We are gay to have been comparison to work with

a EPA and support attention leaders to dedicate to this desirous e-waste

rebate program. The certain impact that 100 percent recycling by

wiring manufacturers will minister to a economy and the

sourroundings creates a SMM Challenge such an sparkling new initiative.”



Coverage of a SMM Electronics Challenge will be streamed live during

a E-Scrap Conference in Dallas, Texas on Sep 19 and 20.



Vintage Tech Recyclers, LLC is an item liberation and responsible

recycling association headquartered in Romeoville, Illinois. An R2 Rios, ISO

14001, and e-Stewards approved wiring recycler, Vintage Tech

employs a no landfill process on all recycled equipment and guarantees the

top levels of correspondence in element estimate and information security.

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