April 7, 2015


Used consumer electronics represent less than two percent of the municipal solid waste stream, which accounts for e-waste in the waste stream. In 2009, discarded tv’s’ pc’s’ peripherals (including printers, scanners, faxes), mice, keyboards and cell phones totaled about 2.37 million tons.

  • Sales of new electronic products are driving increases in use, storage and end-of-life management of electronics. We estimate that 438 million electronic products were sold in 2009, which represents a doubling of sales from 1997, driven by a nine-fold increase in mobile device sales.
  • Estimated product weights have all decreased over the years as products have become smaller and lighter, except for flat panel TVs which have increased in weight as screen size has increased.
  • An estimated five million short tons of products were in storage in 2009, with CRTs (monitors & TVs) being stored at the highest rates.
    • Residential households store 5 times more computer products (by weight) than commercial establishments.
  • Approximately 2.37 million short tons of electronics were ready for end-of-life management, representing an increase of more than 120% compared to 1999.
    • CRTs (TVs and monitors) comprise nearly half (47%) of all electronics ready for end-of-life management.
    • Approximately 141 million mobile devices were ready for end-of-life management in 2009, more than any other type of product, yet by weight, they represent less than 1% of discarded electronics.
  • 25% of electronics were collected for recycling, with computers collected at the highest rate (38%).


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