May 15, 2014

Vintage Tech partners with PennMOVES

It’s that time of year when college students are heading back home for the summer. In most cases, universities and colleges require their students to completely empty out their dorm rooms before departure. Instead of leaving students to tote home the laptop that broke in the beginning of the semester or the mini microwave circa 1980 that Aunt Mona just needed to get rid of, University of Pennsylvania has something a little more convenient and eco-friendly in mind: PennMOVESe-waste recycling.

PennMOVES is the university’s annual recycling and re-use drive held during spring move-out that collects roughly 90,000 pounds of items discarded by students, faculty, and staff. Items collected range from housewares to clothing to electronics. This year, we’ve partnered with Goodwill to ensure that any electronics turned in are responsibly recycled and all data is completely protected and erased.

The 2014 PennMOVES drive is currently underway and goes through June 1st.  Check out the Residential Services website for a complete list of acceptable items, collection locations, and hours of operation.