April 16, 2015

Vintage Tech Helps Schools Recycle!

At Vintage Tech, we do a lot to ensure that the used-electronics owner has an easy and accessible way to recycle his or her old computer or laptop. We offer many drop-off locations throughout several states, and even come to community members’ doors to pick up the electronics ourselves. However, while we care a great deal about providing an effective way for people to dispose of household objects like DVD players, we also like to reach out to the community through schools.


Part of our recycling program includes helping schools safely and responsibly dispose of electronics. We realize that it is important for schools to keep up with advancing technology and maintain updated devices and teaching tools. This will help make sure that our communities’ students are learning as effectively as possible. However, with each technology update, many items become outdated. That’s where we come in.


For every piece of electronics that we receive, we remove any data or software leftover on it before beginning the recycling process. If we are able to repair or refurbish the item, we do. If not, all items will be sent to our ISO-Certified partner for a complete recycling. This service works for many electronics familiar in schools: photocopiers, fax machines, televisions, computers, hard drives, memory sticks, etc.

For more information, please visit our website.