June 21, 2012

Vintage Tech has Opened a New Recycling Plant in Missouri!

We at Vintage Tech are extremely excited to announce that we have opened a second electronics recycling center in Riverside, Missouri. 
Up until this point, the majority of our operations have occurred right at our office in Romeoville, Illinois. This new plant is being opened up in our company’s response to the growing demand for electronics to be recycled responsibly.
This plant, 40,000 square feet large, is located at 4380 Belgium Blvd. in the suburb of Kansas City. Over the next 3 years, we will plan to hire 50 people to help us process the recycled electronics. 
Up until now, everything collected in Riverside has been shipped to our Chicagoland plant, but soon, this new location will be able to process recyclables all on its own. Eventually, it will take over all of the electronics collected in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. 
We would like to thank Tina Krstulic, our general manager for local operations, for helping make this entire operation possible.
We are all very excited about this opportunity to expand on our mission of keeping our Earth Green!