July 17, 2012

Village of Algonquin Recieves Recycling Award

Vintage Tech is happy to announce that our partnering with Waste Management helped the village of Algonquin in Illinois receive the 2012 McHenry County Green Award. This award was given to the village because of their Fall Cleanup and Recycling Drop-Off event. We helped with this event back in October of last year.


The award looked at waste reduction, item reuse, recycling, and repurchasing of recycled products. While doing this one-day event, we were able to collect about 18,000 pounds of used electronics for recycling! We were a part of a combined effort to keep over 35,000 pounds of of waste from landfills.

If you would like to participate in this year’s Fall Cleanup Day, it will be held in October, just like last year!