May 21, 2012

Twelve tons of electronics recycled this weekend at Bangor Township cleanup


BANGOR TOWNSHIP, MI — Piles of electronics, ranging from outdated monitors and TVs past their prime, filled the parking lot of the township hall this weeked.

So many recyclables accumulated, that Vintage Tech Recyclers had to make four trips to remove all of the electronics from the site.

John Pasko of Bangor Township brought the first computer he ever owned — a twenty year old desktop.

“I got rid of three old computers, old printers, cordless phones and keyboards,” Pasko said. “I’ve been holding on to this stuff; the computers aren’t worth bringing to Salvation Army because they are too old for young people to play games on.”

The township held a electronics recycling drive and spring cleanup day on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Pasko, who arrived early on during the event, said that it was nice to have a convenient place to drop off the electronics. By the time he left, there was a line of vehicles out of the parking lot waiting to drop off their recyclables.

“We has an unbelievable turnout for our electronics recycle program Saturday, and it was very surprising,” said Supervisor Terry Watson. “For a whille we were overwhelmed.”

Watson said that at least 200 people showed up on Saturday. Throughout the week leading up to the event, thirty items were dropped off at the hall from organizations, such as local school districts and other municipalities, that are not open on the weekends.

More than 12 tons of electronics were dropped off for recycling.