June 24, 2014

The World Cup & E-waste

Millions of people across the planet have been tuning into the World Cup this year. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who was able to travel to Brazil to catch some of the matches live and in person, chances are you’re tuning in on TV at home or at a local bar. As it turns out, Brazilians are actually doing the same as tickets to the games are expensive and hard to get your hands on. Since many cannot afford to actually sit in the stadium and watch, many Brazilians have opted for a cheaper alternative: purchasing brand new, high-definition TVs with the sort of digital clarity that practically simulate being at the World Cup.

With the purchase of so many brand new television sets, we can infer that many old TVs will be tossed in the garbage. According to Patricia Rey Mallen of qz.comworld cup:

The host country has been producing 30% more TV sets than last year, according to the Asociação Nacional de Fabricantes de Produtos Eletrônicos (National Association of Electronics Producers)—which means that, by the end of this year, Brazil will have between 18-20 million more TVs than when it started. By May, over half of them had been sold to giddy Brazilians in anticipation of seeing their team, the big favorites, win the sixth World Cup of its history in high definition.

Mallen also reports that “Brazil saw 1.4 million tons of electronics thrown out in 2012, up from 917,000 in 2011.” And it looks like this number is only going to keep growing over the next few years as the country continues its economic ascent.

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