July 18, 2013

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Devin Thorpe, a contributor for the online format of Forbes, wrote an article just last month on why CSR is important in the modern business world.

Thorpe connected with some corporate companies about the idea and action of promoting social responsibility in the market and asked the companies, “What are the benefits of being socially responsible?”

Well, there are numerous benefits of being socially responsible in your specific market. The most obvious one is that it promotes great public opinion. If your audience knows that you donate your old electronics to collections sites around the world with hopes to promote a greener tomorrow, then they will appreciate that effort and a favorable view of the company. Besides the public relation stand-point, there is the fact that you, as a major corporation, have leverage on your consumers. Influencing your consumer to act upon something or for something is why your market is there. If your company deals with electricity and you have found a greener way to harness electricity then your consumers could possibly follow.

In the end, companies and corporations have huge influences on the consumers that they are supported by. It is your duty to ensure the your CSR is being accomplished and promoted.