November 8, 2012

The Importance of Certification

When it comes to Electronics Recycling, one of the most important things for a recycler to have is the right certifications. That’s why we worked so hard to live up to our motto of “responsible recycling” by attaining our R2/RIOS, ISO 14001, and e-Stewards certifications.


These certifications guarantee that we use ethical business practices in all of our recycling activities, and that we adhere to strict environmental regulations. By focusing on being worthy of certifications, we have been able to grow our impact on the electronics recycling industry, make electronics recycling a more available options, and create jobs.


Now, certification is more important than ever before. With things like the EPA’s electronics recycling challenge to manufacturers, these larger electronics companies are only allowed to use certified recyclers like Vintage Tech to take care of their items.


To read more about how our certifications function in our practices, read this great article by Recycling Today!