February 12, 2013

Electronic Recycling Video for Kids

It may be hard for some kids—and adults!—to conceptualize just how electronics are recycled. The truth is that there are so many valuable resources in almost every type of electronic. For example, did you know that there are gold components in game systems and zinc in cell phones? These materials can be recycled and reused to make new products. Zinc, for example, can be used to make ships or lampposts. How great is that?!


But exactly how are these materials separated from electronics and repackaged to be used in something else? In other words, how are the zinc and plastic in cellphones separated and repackaged to make ships and dolls?


It may be hard to answer this question, let alone trying to explain it to a child. To make it easier, we found a good kid-friendly video by Recycle Now that clearly illustrates the entire process of recycling electronics. Take a look:


Electronics – How They Are Recycled from RecycleNow on Vimeo.


Once your child has gained an understanding of the recycling process and the important effects it has on the environment, encourage her or him coordinate a recycling event at school, and let Vintage Tech help! We have serviced thousands of school districts and universities across the nation and offer customized programs that can fit virtually any school’s needs.


By using Vintage Tech and quality sources like Recycle Now, educating kids on the importance of electronic recycling is easier than ever, and it will lead to a brighter—and greener—world.