July 25, 2013

Sustainable Materials Management in Michigan

Finding a way to promote healthy sustainable materials management in Michigan has been a hard road. With the consistent neglect of recycling electronics, a new change needs to happen. Vintage Tech Recyclers is helping pave that road by offering a new alternative to e-waste management.

With 12 ReStores in Michigan, Vintage Tech Recyclers has promoted a healthier way to handle sustainable material management in Michigan. However, the desire to make a difference in the world still needs to be present to ensure that the earth is healthy.

The desire needs to come from you, the consumer. Materials management in Michigan has fallen on the shoulders of the consumers due to the fact that we are the face of the future and the reason for the colossal amount of e-waste.

With your help, Vintage Tech Recyclers can be paving the road for a better tomorrow and a promising future for the world. However, this road can only go on with your help. Vintage Tech Recyclers has built places for donations and has promoted sustainable materials management in Michigan. However you are the ones to carry it out.

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