July 25, 2013

Sustainable Materials Management in Illinois

Technology has grown exponentially in the past couple years and the need for a healthier sustainable materials management in Illinois is still growing. Vintage Tech Recyclers is looking to change that.

27 Vintage Tech permanent collections sites dot the state of Illinois, and sustainable materials management in Illinois can still be improved upon. However, Vintage Tech Recyclers cannot do it alone. With your help, the changes can be made and improvements can be formed. There is always a need to recycle e-waste and sustainable materials. As technology grows so does the waste that it produces. But that waste can be managed appropriately.

Team up with Vintage Tech Recyclers and help create a better tomorrow. The future can prosper with the changes made today. There are appropriate ways to deal with sustainable materials management in Illinois, and the desire to make a change need to start with you. Vintage Tech offers collection sites for materials to be taken in and properly recycled; however, it starts with your decision/desire to responsibly recycle.

By donating, you can ensure that your social responsibility has been made.

To answer any questions about Vintage Tech Recyclers and our goal, please call us at (866) 435-9223.