March 28, 2014

Steps to Recycling in Kansas City

computer mouse with leavesIf you have ever wondered what happens to recyclables after they’ve been recycled, please continue reading on because Vintage Tech Recyclers is here to explain to you the steps to recycling in Kansas City!

There are five main steps to recycling in Kansas City. They are as follows:

  • Step 1
    • The product is manufactured and shipped off to stores to be sold. Someone buys the product and if they recycle the product when they are done with it, we continue on to step 2.
    • Step 2
      • Vintage Tech Recyclers disassembles the product and sorts out all the pieces that can be recycled and sends the rest to be melted down to their original state.
      • Step 3
        • The smelting plant melts those pieces down to their original, raw state and then sends those pieces to factories to be used to make other products.
        • Step 4
          • Factories use those pieces to build new products. After they are built, the new products are then sold to suppliers.
          • Step 5
            • Suppliers sell the new products to customers and the cycle starts again.

If you would like more information, or if you have any questions regarding the steps to recycling in Kansas City, please feel free to give Vintage Tech Recyclers a call today! You can reach us at