June 9, 2014

StEP- Solving the E-waste Problem

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The “Solving the E-waste Problem” Initiative, better known as StEP, is a collaborative effort between the US EPA and the United Nations University to tackle the growing e-waste epidemic in developing countries. The two have signed an agreement to keep track of the various components of electronic waste.

Several corporations and organizations have also joined the effort in reducing e-waste, including: “Dell, HP, Cisco, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), MIT, Nokia, as well as multiple agencies from Samoa, Switzerland, Egypt, England, China, Austria, Japan, Ecuador, Belgium, Jamaica, Thailand, Canada and others” (Source: TechPageOne).

According to the StEP website, the Initiative consists of 5 different principles.

1. StEP’s work is founded on scientific assessments and incorporates a comprehensive view of the social, environmental and economic aspects of e-waste.


2. StEP conducts research on the entire life cycle of electrical and electronic equipment and their corresponding global supply, process and material flows.


3. StEP’s research and pilot-projects are meant to contribute to the solution of e-waste problems.


4. StEP condemns all illegal activities related to e-waste including illegal shipments and re-use / recycling practices that are harmful to the environment and human health.


5. StEP seeks to foster safe and eco- and energy-efficient re-use and recycling practices around the globe in a socially responsible manner.


Electronics recycling is an excellent solution to getting e-waste under control. Vintage Tech has several collection sites throughout the nation as well as a number of recycling events throughout the year. Be sure to check back here on our blog as well as our Facebook & Twitter to see when there is an event near you. You don’t need to be a large corporation to contribute. Recycle with us today!