January 8, 2013

Sponsor a School Electronic Recycling Event with Vintage Tech

Teaching kids the importance of recycling is vital to environmental sustainability and a greener world. With many schools returning to school this month, now is the perfect time to coordinate an electronic recycling event for students to participate in. Giving students the opportunities to get involved with recycling will make them more likely to continue environmentally friendly habits, and Vintage Tech can help!


At Vintage Tech, we offer responsible solutions for all electronic recycling needs and have serviced thousands of schools of all different sizes throughout the nation. We will work with your school to create a customized electronic recycling program to fit its needs.


school electronic recycling event can even increase your school’s revenue. Vintage Tech specializes in asset management and will buy your school’s used/off-lease computer equipment. In return, we will provide your school with substantial revenue.


When your school uses Vintage Tech to recycle its electronics, you can be sure that all data is properly destroyed. Vintage Tech will provide you with a certificate of destruction for your records once the data has been properly destroyed.


Take this opportunity to teach your students the value of recycling. Make it interesting for the kids by giving the class that recycles the most electronics a pizza party. Get creative and get recycling!  For more information, please contact us today.