September 11, 2014

Small Town Ponders Landfill and E-waste

Pratt, KS is a small town found in the open land of the vast plains of that region. A little community of this size wouldn’t automatically jump to mind as having a recycling issue, but that is what they currently face. A recent article from the Pratt Tribune highlights the problem that their county landfill is nearly reaching its capacity, causing recycling to become higher on the agenda for that county’s leaders. The article, Time to require electronic recycling, that asks the question if it is time to require electronic recycling as part of local/state/federal laws? We constantly see and note more and more places across the world becoming more cognizant of this issue as the number of old, dumped electronics only gets higher. In Pratt, they realize they may never have 100 percent compliance in regard to making people dispose of their things in a certain way. But they have at least toyed with the idea that electronic waste has to go to the recycling center instead of the landfill. While no major action has yet to take place, it is a growing sentiment that electronic recycling is a solution. To create more capacity in the landfill, expensive regulations have to be met, and it is really just putting a Band-Aid on the problem and not thinking of negative long-term environmental implications. For now, residents of this Kansas town can bring their e-waste to the recycle center for no charge. With a good dialogue in place and a shared viewpoint that e-waste needs to be seriously considered, we can only hope Pratt continues to strive to be environmentally-friendly going forward.

Imagine Landfills Elsewhere

If a small town like Pratt has a landfill that has quickly neared its capacity, imagine the similar issues and problems other landfills face, especially in big cities or areas with much higher populations and waste output. Vintage Tech is committed to avoiding our e-waste from decaying nature and rotting away in already overcrowded landfills. That is our mission. Help us in our efforts by dropping off your e-waste today!