The ins and outs of recycling

Electronics Recycling

With so many electronics in circulation, and more states passing legislation banning electronics from landfills, there is a growing necessity for electronic recyclers. The diversified electronic waste stream provides many opportunities for customizable recycling programs for all entities. Vintage Tech, with our enhanced recycling technologies, breaks down your obsolete electronics into their rawest material form, utilizing certified vendors and providing raw materials for the manufacturing process once again. Backed by our outstanding certifications, Vintage Tech provides ease of mind in recycling your obsolete electronics to ensure that all hazardous materials are properly handled at all times.

Environmental Policies

OEM Services

With a wide variety of manufactured electronics becoming available each year, Vintage Tech Recyclers understands the challenges that OEM’s can face. Our service platform is designed to provide a comprehensive solution, geared towards affordability and convenience. Our manufacturer partners can take advantage of the administrative support that Vintage Tech has to offer including:

  • Assistance in State Reporting, Registrations, and Plans
  • Real time reporting and goal tracking
  • Asset Management programs
  • Reverse Logistics and Staging
  • Branding Events and Marketing
  • Mail Back Programs
  • Domestic Processing of Compliant weight within e-Stewards certified Processing Centers

With 25 state legislations currently in effect, allow Vintage Tech and our dedicated staff to help with the everyday complexities that OEM’s face.

Data Security

The personal and professional information of all of our customers, both residents and business entities alike, is protected by the constant surveillance of all secure Vintage Tech facilities. Data-containing devices are securely handled by trained employees, and are wiped in compliance with the industry’s highest standards set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology program 800-88. Vintage Tech ensures all customers that their devices are properly wiped or destroyed, offering options such as serial number tracking, auditing, on or off-site destruction, and more. Our protected limited-access facilities are under 24 hour surveillance, and all data-containing devices are handled in a secure cage, with ceiling, to allow customers the peace of mind that their proprietary data is not compromised.

Trade in your Apple

Our skilled technicians are especially adept at refurbishing and reusing Apple products to provide the highest revenue return possible for both schools and businesses. Vintage Tech will help you maximize the value of your Apple products by purchasing a range of electronics, including laptops, tablets, towers, systems and iMacs.

  • Macbooks
  • Mac Air
  • iPads
  • Mac Pro’s
  • Mac Mini’s
  • Intel (white and aluminum)