Recycling Videos for Kids

As adults and as owners of e-waste, we already know the importance of electronics recycling and the basics of it. For our youngsters, what e-waste means and what the recycling process is may be a little more confusing, but it’s worth explaining. Recycling videos for kids can be a great way to educate them on these topics.

Even adults can sometimes use a refresher and learn new facts. For example, many probably didn’t know, and would be surprised to learn, that game systems contain gold components or that our cell phones have zinc in them. Materials such as these are consistently recycled and reused. Zinc is used in everything from lampposts to ships. It is crazy but cool picturing all the different places each element can be put back into!

However, all this isn’t magic. With recycling videos for kids, the youngsters can learn the answers to questions such as how are those things separated from the e-waste and redistributed in other objects? How can something like zinc go from being in a phone to being in a ship?

Adults can have a hard time coming up with a clear answer to that let alone explaining it to children. If you’re ever looking for recycling videos for kids, look no further than this great kid –friendly video by Recycle Now that nicely articulates the full process of electronics recycling. Check it out here:

Electronics – How They Are Recycled from RecycleNow on Vimeo.


Roll the Videos and the Learning


As your child watches more recycling videos for kids, she or he will get a better understanding of the careful process Vintage Tech takes and the positive effect it results in having on the environment. Teach your kids at a young age about the benefit of being environmentally conscious, and please encourage your children to coordinate a recycling event at their school once they know more about it! We are happy to help! Another great service we like to offer to thousands of universities and school districts nationwide is presenting custom programs that can provide for any school’s needs on the subject.

With quality sources like Vintage Tech and Recycle Now, teaching kids about the necessity for electronic recycling is simple, and will help keep the next generation stay green and clean.