April 15, 2012

Recycling Locations in Your Town

Many municipalities and public places offer public garbage receptacles to encourage people not to litter. Nowadays, they’ve even begun offering just as many receptacles for recycling, too.


However, it isn’t very often that you find a drop bin for electronics stationed at those major public places, or even at work. Some might say that you wouldn’t carry around an old computer like you would an empty cup of coffee. In fact, most people tend to hold on to all of their old electronics at home. However, the problem is that when people do want to get rid of their old electronics, they might not know how to do so responsibly.


With laws like the Illinois landfill ban, it can not only be harmful to the environment when you throw away electronics, but the hefty penalty fine can make it way more expensive for you.


This is why it’s important for municipalities to offer free, public electronics recycling in a way that is visible for all members of the community. We at Vintage Tech have worked very hard to partner with other businesses, like Habitat for Humanity, who allow us to put a drop-off bin at many of their ReStores. We even help host recycling events throughout the entire Midwest.


However, still not everyone knows how and where to dispose of their old electronics. If you or someone you know would like to share in our mission of making sure that all electronics are kept out of landfills and recycled responsibly, let us know! Contact us with your questions, comments, and ideas on how to make our environment healthier for all of us.