March 7, 2012

Recycling Events

We at Vintage Tech are doing everything in our power to make responsibly recycling electronics easier for the community. Not only have we set up many permanent drop boxes, but we also travel out to pick up people’s old computers with our At-Your-Door service. While all of these recycling methods are convenient, we also like to host one-day recycling events.


For example, last month, we partnered with the city of Peru in Illinois to host a collection site at their city hall, and it was open to all residents, businesses, and schools. Events like these are not only free to consumers, but they are also free for the cities that host them.


Currently, manufacturers must follow strict guidelines to recycle at least 40 percent of the electronics that they produce. Vintage Tech would like to help take care of the other 60 percent by going straight to the electronics-owners of our communities. With events like these, we hope to reach that goal. Please keep your eyes peeled for upcoming recycling events near you!


Look here for more information on the event in Peru, Illinois.