June 27, 2013

Recycling Electronics in Michigan

Vintage Tech Recyclers’ main focus is recycling electronics, and by doing so, we are creating a better tomorrow. Recycling electronics in Michigan has never been made easier than it is with Vintage Tech Recyclers. With the help from Habitat Humanity of Michigan, Vintage Tech Recyclers is making big changes in the environment.

With ReStore locations all around Michigan, Vintage Tech is helping out not only the people who will receive the refurbished electronics, but also the earth as a whole. There are more than 13 Habitat for Humanity ReStores in Michigan that promote electronic recycling. By recycling electronics in Michigan, you can not only help the environment, but also help Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that promotes healthy living and social responsibility across the globe.

Changing the world can be easier with your help. Recycling electronics in Michigan can help this change and promote a more socially responsible world, but it has to start with you. Help us help the world that we live in by recycling electronics in Michigan. Your help will not be taken for granted and we will do everything we can to provide a comfortable atmosphere for you to donate to.

For any questions, comments or concerns about Vintage Tech Recyclers, please call us at (866)-435-9223 or visit our website at