March 27, 2012

Recycling electronics helps Habitat for Humanity build homes

At Vintage Tech, we are happy to be partnered with Habitat for Humanity Restores. By combining our recycling with their community-building mission, we can help each other make our environment a better place for all. 
When you recycle your used, broken, or obsolete electronics, we are able to provide a donation for Habitat for Humanity, which builds affordable housing for members of the community. Not only this, but we help protect our environment from electronics’ harmful toxins.
When electronics are recycled instead of thrown up, it allows for those resources and materials to be responsibly disassembled and repurposed. This way, they can be put back into productive use, which saves a huge amount of waste.
All of this can be done for free when you bring in your electronics to our drop-off locations that are located within Habitat for Humanity ReStores.