May 29, 2013

Recycling Computers in Illinois for Your School

Now that the Illinois school year is coming to an end, recycling computers in Illinois is becoming popular. As soon as one school year is over, school administrators and teachers almost immediately begin preparing for the following school year. On their long list of things to do, upgrading technology and getting rid of their old computers and equipment is probably somewhere near the top. When it comes time to dispose of these electronics, give Vintage Tech a call. We’ll take your electronics off your hands and provide your school with revenue for your off-lease computers and parts.

There are so many advantages to recycling computers in Illinois with Vintage Tech. Here are just a few:

  • Your school could earn substantial revenue. When your schools’ off-lease computer equipment is recycled with Vintage Tech, we’ll provide your school with substantial revenue in return.
  • Your sensitive information will be permanently destroyed. Your school’s computers have students’ and staff members’ personal information that needs to remain confidential. Vintage Tech uses the only government-approved erasure tool that can destroy hundreds of computer drives at the same time. We guarantee that your information will be destroyed.
  • Vintage Tech has of locations for recycling computers in Illinois. Vintage Tech offers tons of collection sites for recycling computers in Illinois. We’ll work with you to make recycling easy!
  • You’re responsibly recycling. Recycling computers is good for the environment and allows valuable materials in electronics to be reused. Plus it keeps the harmful materials in electronics out of the environment.

Get in touch with Vintage Tech today to start recycling your school’s computers. Call us at (866) 435-9223