May 8, 2013

Printer Disposal in Michigan

Carrying out proper printer disposal in Michigan is one of the easiest ways to keep the beautiful state clean. Printers, and electronics in general, contain harmful materials that can be potentially hazardous to the environment. In fact, because of the immense harm and pollution these materials can cause, many states have adopted laws that ban most electronics from being thrown into landfills. Michigan’s current legislation requires electronics manufacturers to implement a take back program to make electronic recycling easy and free for consumers.

For your electronic recycling needs, visit your local Vintage Tech Michigan location. Vintage Tech currently offers electronic recycling through its partnership with Habitat for Humanity Michigan ReStores. These sites offer more than proper printer disposal in Michigan. You can also recycle your TV’s, microwaves, Mp3 players, computers, DVD players, VCR’s, and all other unwanted electronics at these sites.

In addition to the Michigan ReStore locations, Vintage Tech’s new Michigan recycling facility is almost ready to open in Canton. This recycling facility will allow Vintage Tech to recycle electronics efficiently and quickly. Plus, it will create jobs in Michigan.

For a complete list of acceptable electronics or to learn more about Vintage Tech’s services, please call (866) 435-9223.