September 20, 2012

Press Conference with EPA's Lisa Feldt

We have just returned from a press conference with the EPA’s Lisa Feldt, and were joined with Waste & Recycling News and representatives from the electronics retailers and manufacturers that signed the challenge today.¬†

Business representatives presented lofty but achievable goals, such as Best Buy’s goal to recycle 1 million pounds of electronics. Representatives explained that electronics recycling is not only environmentally wise, but it is in high demand. In fact, by providing opportunities for their customers to recycle electronics, they are even making it convenient for them to make responsible recycling decisions. This has helped contribute to the success of electronics recycling.


Feldt emphasized the importance of using certified electronics recyclers. She discussed the use of strict recycling standards in the EPA’s decision to support certain recyclers. She mentioned that one of the most important aspects of electronics recycling involves the care for precious metals that are found in most products. By preserving these precious metals from used electronics, we will not need to mine for new materials, and can instead recycle the old ones. This is what makes electronics recycling both tremendously beneficial for our environment, but also a cost-effective decision¬†for businesses.


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