December 28, 2011

Post-Holiday Recycling Reminder from Vintage Tech

We hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays this past weekend! While this time is known as season for gift-giving, it is also a time when we see a lot of outdated, recently-replaced household goods waiting out on the curbs for garbage collection. That is why we at Vintage Tech would just like to send out a friendly reminder to our followers that there are much better places for you to dispose of old electronics than the trash!

With every exciting new piece of electronics that comes out at this time of year, another one becomes obsolete. In fact, according to the Environmental Law and Policy Center, electronic waste is currently the fastest-growing type of waste — and it’s dangerous too! Electronics contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, which can have serious consequences for our environment.

Luckily, lawmakers in Illinois have recognized the severity of these dangers, and as of January 1, 2012, they have made it illegal for everybody — businesses and consumers alike — to throw away electronics. Instead, they must be responsibly recycled with certified recyclers. This is thanks to Illinois State Law SB2106 (P.A. 97-0287).

January 1 is only a few days away, but why wait to start responsibly recycling? We’ve made tremendous efforts to make it as simple and convenient as possible for you to recycle electronics. Not only do we partner with Habitat for Humanity to host permanent drop boxes at many of their ReStore locations (many of which can be found here), but we even come right to residents’ doors in Will County and remove their electronics for them with our Front-Door Pickup Service. As always, these services are completely free to community-members.