January 29, 2013

Pennsylvania Electronic Recycling Law Takes Effect

Good recycling news has just hit Pennsylvania. On January 24, the Covered Device Recycling Act took effect, though it was signed into law in 2010, according to an article by Main Line Media News. This means that it is now illegal to dispose of many different types of electronic devices in Pennsylvania. In effect, citizens will need to responsibly recycle such electronic devices, which is good for the environment and all those living in it.


According to the Electronics Take Back Coalition, 25 states are covered by some sort of electronic recycling law. That’s over 65% of the U.S. population! Will your state be next? To see where your state lies, take a look at the coalition’s breakdown of the states’ laws here.


At Vintage Tech Recyclers, we love to see responsible actions taking place that promote environmentally friendly habits. When states put electronic recycling laws into effect, it is one step closer to a greener world. That’s something to be proud off! We applaud you, Pennsylvania!