November 6, 2012

Our Recycling Program

When it comes to making sure that your old electronics are responsibly recycled, you can look no further than Vintage Tech’s recycling program. We make sure that all parts of your old computers, cell phones, or other technological items are 100 percent recycled in a responsible manner.


One of the most important steps in our recycling program is our data security process. This is necessary for the safety of your sensitive information because it makes sure that any information that has been stored on an old device has been completely wiped and destroyed. We use top-quality data destruction services, trusted by the U.S. Government, to ensure that your information stays out of the wrong hands.


Our recycling program even includes refurbishing electronics and their parts that may still have some life left in them. Oftentimes an old television is still operable, or parts of it can be used towards other things. All of this makes sure that our earth’s precious metals and other materials are preserved and recycled as much as possible.


Trust in Vintage Tech’s award-winning recycling program to ensure that all of your electronics are taken care of in the most environmentally responsible manner.