May 21, 2013

Old Computer Disposal in Michigan

Looking for a responsible method for old computer disposal in Michigan? Take it to a Vintage Tech collection site! Vintage Tech offers responsible recycling services for old computer disposal in Michigan in addition to having locations throughout the Midwest.

Vintage Tech has partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Michigan ReStores to provide residents with electronic recycling services. You can drop off your old electronics at any of the following participating Michigan ReStores:


Vintage Tech has recently opened a new recycling center in Canton, MI in order to best serve recycling enthusiasts. With the help of Habitat for Humanity Michigan ReStores and caring recyclers like you, Vintage Tech is able to offer responsible recycling methods for old computer disposal in Michigan as well as tons of other electronics!

For more information on any of Vintage Tech’s locations or for a list of accepted electronics, please call Vintage Tech at (866) 435-9223.