May 20, 2013

Old Computer Disposal in Illinois

Vintage Tech Recyclers offers services for old computer disposal in Illinois. Vintage Tech has dozens of locations throughout the state, making it convenient for recycling enthusiasts to easily find a center for old computer disposal in Illinois. With the help of considerate residential recyclers who care about the environment, Vintage Tech is helping to promote a cleaner and healthier environment.

You can recycle more than just computers with Vintage Tech. You can also bring in your other electronics to be recycled with Vintage Tech. While we’d like to accept all electronics, that’s not always possible. Take a look at our list of accepted electronics or call us at (866) 43­5-9223.

Electronics recycling is so important to maintaining the environment’s health. Electronics contain materials such as lead and mercury that can be harmful to the environment. When electronics are irresponsibly disposed of in landfills, these harmful materials can be released into the solid waste system and pose a threat to the health of the environment. So by responsibly recycling electronics with Vintage Tech, these harmful materials can be properly contained and kept from harming the environment. Plus, the electronics will be recycled to make new electronics, thus cutting down on the amount of energy and resources it takes to create new products.

Recycle your electronics today to promote a cleaner world!