January 1, 2012

New Law


Electronics can no longer be put out curbside with the weekly garbage pickup. Items such as televisions, stereos, microwave ovens, computers, scanners, printers, video game consoles and similar types of equipment will not be picked up by trash collectors. There are a number of options available to residents so that these types of materials may be properly disposed of or recycled. Options include a front door pick up service offered by a company named Vintage Tech. This company can be reached by phone at the toll free number of (866) 631-1707 or by visiting their web site at . Another option is to contact the Habitat for Humanity Re-Stor which is located at 180 W. Joe Orr Road in Chicago Heights and can be reached via telephone at 755-1840.


Effective January 1, 2012, State of Illinois law will prohibit the deposit of electronics equipment in landfills. As a result, various drop off and pick up programs have been established. One such program is offered by Will County, which has contracted Vintage Tech, an electronics recycler, to offer a home collection service. Items under this program that will be picked up include the following:

Computer monitors
Computer parts (wires, cables, mice, keyboards, modems, etc.)
Fax machines
Video game consoles
Battery back ups
MP3 Players
Personal Digital Assistants
CD/VCR/DVD Players
Stereo equipment
Telephones/cell phones
Answering machines
Digital Clocks
Microwave ovens
Digital cameras
Word processors
Calculators/adding machines
Paper shredders

While the program is sponsored by Will County, it will be offered to all Park Forest residents regardless of which county they live in. To take advantage of the program, residents can call (866) 631-1707 or visit the contractor on line at to fill out an online pick-up request form. A couple of caveats with the program is that pickups will not be done for more than 10 items and the pickup must include at least one computer or one large item.