January 13, 2015

Nebraska DEQ awards grant money

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Acting Director Pat Rice has announced that $2,099,364 in grants for litter cleanup, recycling and public education programs and activities has been awarded to 57 recipients in the state. Money for the grants comes from a fee charged to certain manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers that commonly contribute to litter, the DEQ says. The program has been providing grants annually since 1979.

The funds were distributed under three grant categories, as noted below:

  • Recycling Grant Awards – Recycling programs provide an alternative to the disposal of solid waste in Nebraska’s landfills. The programs recycle more than just aluminum, paper, glass and plastic. Materials such as electronic computer components, paint, aerosol cans, fertilizer, pesticides, pharmaceutical items and household hazardous waste are collected and either reprocessed to be used again or are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Recycling efforts that promote the purchase of recycled content products continue to receive priority for funding. NDEQ awarded 23 grants in the recycling category, totaling $1,176,580.
  • Cleanup Grant Awards – Cleanup programs use Nebraska residents of all ages to pick up litter and debris along Nebraska’s highways, waterways, recreation lands, urban areas and other public use areas within the state. NDEQ awarded 15 grants in the cleanup category, totaling $97,938.
  • Public Education Awards – Public education programs educate citizens in the areas of litter reduction, cleanup and recycling through a variety of individual and community activities. Priority is given to programs that promote markets for recycled materials or to purchasing products made from recycled materials. NDEQ awarded 21 grants in the public education category, totaling $821,346.

Click here to view a list of the recipients.

Recycling Today Staff

JANUARY 13, 2015

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