July 9, 2013

Monitor Recycling in Illinois

Thinking about throwing out your old monitor that was a part of a prehistoric computer? Don’t! With the help of Vintage Tech Recyclers, you don’t have to end your relationship with your computer monitor in such a bad manner.

Vintage Tech can take the monitor off of your hands and responsibly recycle it. With Vintage Tech, monitor recycling in Illinois is as easy as driving to a restaurant. All you have to do is locate the nearest drop off/collection site and donate your used monitor to us.

With 27 permanent collection sites around the Chicagoland area, Vintage Tech Recyclers’ services are convenient. Computer monitors are fading in and out due to the dynamic changes of the electronic industry. However, with Vintage Tech Recyclers, monitor recycling in Illinois is becoming more and more prevalent due to the advent of newer monitors with new features.

Let us help you recycle your electronics by donating your used monitor with us. It is a greener option and you won’t have to live with the guilt of knowing that you threw out your old monitor after it has served you for many years.

For more information or to answer your questions about monitor recycling in Illinois, please call us at (866)-435-9223.