March 19, 2013

Make Your School Money by Recycling Old Computers

Guess what! Now you can receive money for your school by recycling old computers! In an effort to help schools bring in more revenue for equipment and supplies, Vintage Tech offers substantial revenue in return for schools’off lease computer equipment. It’s one of the many reasons why responsible recycling is worthwhile!

One main concern that many people have when recycling old computers is what will happen to the sensitive information stored on these technologies, which is quite understandable considering the amount of personal documents we save to our computers as well as any passwords or information that might be stored on our Internet browsers. Vintage Tech uses the only government-approved erasure tool that ensures that all data is completely destroyed onsite. This equipment operates at high speeds and allows hundreds of computer drives to be erased simultaneously.

Recycling old computers with Vintage Tech is one way that schools can recover some of the losses brought about by recent budget cuts. Vintage Tech services schools of all sizes, from large universities to a school elementary schools. Help your kids out by partnering with Vintage Tech for your school’s electronic recycling event! Call us today at (866) 435-9223 to begin coordinating your event.