September 18, 2012

Maintaining Ethical Practices

With the growing popularity of electronics recycling in the world, it can be very easy for an electronic recycling business to begin taking shortcuts in order to reduce costs. However, these practices will never be Vintage Tech’s. In fact, our hard-earned certifications show our commitment to completely ethical practices, both in our recycling practices and our business operations.¬†


To give you an idea of our commitment to these standards, here are some of the practices that our e-Stewards certification prohibits, according to their website:

  • Export of toxic e-waste to developing countries
  • Illegal traffic in hazardous waste
  • Toxics in solid waste landfills and incinerators
  • Prisoner processing of hazardous e-waste
  • Shredding of mercury-containing devices
  • Untested or non-working equipment exported to developing countries for refurbishment

At Vintage Tech, we have made the commitment to maintain high ethical standards in all of our practices. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted recycler!