July 31, 2012

Kansas City Area Residents Can Expect More Recycling Opportunities

By now, you may be aware of our recent addition of a new electronics recycling plant in Missouri. This recycling center, located in Riverside, Missouri, is able to process recycled electronics much like our original location in Romeoville, Illinois. With the second plant, not only are we able to recycle more electronics, but we are able to expand our services even further across the country!


This Saturday, there will be a large recycling event in Kansas City, KS, thanks to our partnership with Kansas City, Kansas School Foundation for Excellence as well as this new Riverside recycling plant. If you are at all near these areas, you can expect to see many more free electronics recycling events like this one occurring much more frequently. Making environmentally conscious decisions is getting easier every day! We would like to thank all of those who have helped make this possible for us, and to invite all community members to join in on the event this weekend