September 26, 2012

Jackson Co. Celebrates 10 Years


Submitted by Amber Ruch, KFVS12 County News Web Producer


JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) – Jackson County is celebrating a milestone in their electronics recycling program.


Ten years ago this month the Jackson County Health Department implemented a permanent year-round collection program for unwanted electronics. The program was the first of its kind in Illinois. The health department says during the first year of operation, 73,000 pounds of electronics were collected and recycled. In 2012, over 800,000 pounds will be collected and recycled. They say altogether the program has kept 3 million pounds of electronics out of the waste system.

According to the health department, the program evolved from annual electronics collection events the health department began holding in 2000. Program staff developed the year-round option to increase convenience to residents and reduce staff time on collection events. Jackson County landfill tipping fees were used to pay for program expenses.

The health department says residents from a multi-county area continue to use the program. A change is State law this year has led to even further increase in the amounts collected. As of Jan. 12, Illinois landfills are no longer allowed to accept many types of household electronics. Along with the landfill ban, the law also required electronics manufacturers to help pay for the recycling of their products. Manufacturers of electronic products now pay for the bulk of the program costs.

The recycling program has been made possible by a partnership with Southern Recycling Center in Carbondale, which serves as the local collection point for electronics, and financial support from the Jackson County Board’s solid waste fund. The health department says collected items are consolidated and shipped to the contracted electronic processor, Vintage Tech Recyclers.

For more information on all of Jackson County’s recycling efforts, you can call , ext. 128 or click here to visit them online.